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Jeff Tretsven, mediator and teacher has a passion for working with Compassionate Communication (AKA Nonviolent Communication) and mediation in the hope of creating a more peaceful world.

Jeff had his first chance at mediation when a friend told him that she wishes she already knew Nonviolent Communication. When he asked why, she said the neighbors were having a meeting the next day about her moving into the neighborhood. Jeff doesn't know why, but he asked her if she wanted him to mediate it. Jeff did and at the end the neighbors were hugging his friend and welcoming her to the neighborhood. Jeff found he really enjoyed mediating and creating connection between his friend and her neighbors.

Jeff has spent most of his adult life in a teaching role. First as an electronics instructor in the Navy where he was acknowledged as a Master Training Specialist. Following that he was a trainer in both the semiconductor industry and aerospace industry. As soon as he found out about Nonviolent Communication he knew he wanted to teach it. Nonviolent Communication works very well for mediation and from this Jeff got involved in mediation. Jeff had attended training from 22 certified CNVC trainers for over 400 hours of training. He has taken NVC mediation training in the year long immersion training and small claims and family mediation with the Oklahoma Supreme court system.

Thank you for all you have shared with me Jeff. I will always remember the awe I felt as you would speak in NVC - how simple and loving it all was. Having NVC classes with you has changed my life in such positive ways as I now try, and sometimes succeed to communicate with compassion and empathy and honesty. There is an awareness of the judgment and analysis in my everyday thoughts which I did not have before. I strive to emulate what you taught me.

I also wish your needs will be met easily. Bless you,
Namaste, Lynn Kircher

Jeff is a passionate reader and his favorite subjects are spirituality, mediation, communication and web design. He also enjoys bicycling. He lives the philosophy of ahimsa (nonviolence) to the best of his ability, embracing and enjoying a vegan diet along with Nonviolent Communication.

This website has been created with the intent of helping people learn how to improve their emotional state.

Wishing you the best in your emotional journey. Everything we do is in the hope it will make us feel better and when we take the direct route of working on our feelings, the journey is much smoother.


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