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Heart Centered Relationships

This course will cover Nonviolent Communication basics to advanced. It is online so self study is available around the clock. This will be a combination of self study, with quizzes, lessons, peer practice groups, group and individual coaching. Some lessons will be live and then be recorded for those who couldn't be there at the scheduled time.  Zoom videoconferencing will be used for live trainings. Moodle is the software system that is used as an online learning platform.

When Jeff was learning NVC he found it important to know the theory. he found out the real learning took place by practicing. This online class is set up to form peer support groups  so the students work together on their learning journey. When first starting the groups my intention is have experienced people help the people who are new to NVC. One of Jeff's unpleasant experience was attending trainings and breaking into groups. he had several times where he shared something vulnerable and got advice instead of empathy. He wants everyone to have an enjoyable experience learning NVC. This is why having people who have demonstrated their skill with NVC be involved in the development of groups.

Jeff saw the fastest improvement in NVC skills in the Mediate Your Life training. This was a yearlong immersion program. It consisted of three 4 day retreats spread out over a year. In between the retreats the participants practiced weekly in pairs with empathy practice. In groups of 3 to 6 they practiced mediation skills. he sees this as a way to offer a similar experience at a much lower financial cost. Jeff has trained with more than 25 certified NVC trainers including Marshall Rosenberg. He has been teaching NVC since 2007 and is continually looking for more effective ways of learning.

Jeff's goal with Heart Centered Relationships is that it grows and evolves to become a living document for Nonviolent Communication. Each participant will contribute something. Participants can become coaches and trainers within the community if they desire. Another goal is to support Compassionate People Foundation. This is a nonprofit to teach NVC in prisons, to people with disabilities, veterans and other underserved people.  
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Online Courses You can bring your own group or join another session. Contact Jeff for specifics.


Sincerity and competence is a strong combination. In politics, it is everything.
Peggy Noonan
Jeff's note: This is especially true with empathy.

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