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Many of us experience empathy deficit. When I talk to someone I would like to be heard. Instead I get argument, advice, diagnosis, reassurance or some other non-empathy response. How do I get empathy when empathy is what I want. One way is to ask for it. However, if the person I ask is not skilled in responding with empathy then I am not likely to get it. Also, if the other person is not ready to give empathy because of the subject or their relationship with me, then I probably won't get any empathy either. The best place is with an experienced, neutral third party dedicated to giving empathy.

Empathy Sessions - One of the most important needs people have is to be heard. Empathy sessions give you the opportunity to get your need to be heard met by someone skilled in doing it. Well done empathy is very healing. Research has shown that how much healing occurs in therapy is how skilled the therapist is at empathy and not which style of therapy is used.

What to expect in an empathy session. You talk about whatever you want. We listen. We will demonstrate that we heard you by acknowledging your feelings and needs. Feelings and needs are what makes us human and when someone else acknowledges them, that is when we feel most human. What skills will you need? The only skills you will need is to be able to talk and when we offer a feeling or need suggestion, you check to see if it resonates with you.

Jeff has been practicing his empathy skills since 2006 when he discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC.) Empathy is a key skill of Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Jeff has developed an exercise which helps people overcome their blocks to giving empathy. Jeff has been teaching NVC and empathy since 2007. He practices his NVC skills with an NVC practice group and a mediation practice group weekly to get feedback on his skill level and to stay sharp.

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Jeff Tretsven and Lynn McLellan

Lynn wants to listen and connect with you. She wants to share the valuable training she has received from Nonviolent Communication certification candidate Jeff Tretsven and 5 certified trainers. She attended an International Intensive Training six day immersion in New Mexico which focused on empathy skills. To develop her listening and presence skills Lynn formed a practice group to get feedback and sharpen her skills.

In her sessions Lynn's focus is on compassion. Compassionate Communication will help you get in touch with what is important to you. As you explore painful experiences while being listened to by someone who can focus on what you want, based on your emotional journey. You won't need an emotions/needs vocabulary as Lynn brings that. She will verify all feelings and needs with you, so you know it's about your experience and not what she thinks is best for you.

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