Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm not a violent person, why do I need Nonviolent Communication?

Usually after saying this, this person will tell me about someone else who needs to learn Nonviolent Communication. I tell them if you have someone you think needs it, NVC would help you deal with them.

Isn't mediation or conflict coaching expensive?

Compared to litigation or arbitration, no. Compared to the expense of letting something get much bigger and more out of control? Most likely no, but it needs to be evaluated on a situational basis. If you are reading this

Can I learn this myself and then just apply it in my life?

This is my hope. Sometimes it takes a while to learn and practice. This is an intention of this website to give you an introduction to conflict resolution. This takes practice with human beings to really get it in my opinion. You may get quicker results using a coach or a mediator. There are times when I get upset with a family member and I wish I had one of my mediator friends handy.

Path Blocked

Does your path seem blocked?

Are you feeling frustrated by life's obstacles? Find solutions that open doors and turn frustration into the joy of taking on a challenge. Learn a new way to view conflict.

Go around obstacle

Obstacles don't stop everyone.

As you can see by the picture, on the weekend when the construction crews are not there, the trail still gets used. Learn how to work with others to transform problems to solutions.

Toupee Duck

Self judgment - a big obstacle

The duck at the top of the picture looks like he has a bad haircut or toupee. It doesn't bother him. Learn how to accept yourself, as you are. Sign up for training or coaching.