Focus Wheel Process

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  1. Use this process to shift your vibrational relationship between current beliefs and desires. You will feel negative emotion, which is telling you, you have a gap between your beliefs and your desires. Works best if you are between boredom and anger on the Emotional Scale.
  2. Focus on the small yellow circle inside the larger circle. Now close you eyes and think about what is stimulating negative emotion within you.
  3. Identify exactly what it is that you do not want.
  4. From this place of knowing what you do not want, identify what you DO want.
  5. Type in what you do want in the circle under "What I want:".
  6. Type in a statement regarding this subject in the text box under "Enter statement:". (Upper left, above bushes.) Hit the process button.
  7. Look at statement and evaluate it, to see if you feel better or worse about what you do want.
  8. If it feels worse drag it into the bushes. (Shrubbery for Monty Python fans) If it feels better put it into the next slot around the focus wheel.
  9. Go back to step 6 until all twelve boxes are filled.
  10. Use your mouse to emphatically circle what you do want at center of focus wheel. Notice that you feel more in alignment with that thought, than you did a few minutes ago. The large rectangle in the large circel can be drawn on with the mouse.
  11. To start new, refresh your browser. Press F5 button or "Ctrl+ r" or 3/4 circle with arrow on address bar or button.
  12. This process is from the books "Ask and It Is Given"and "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
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Focus Wheel Process

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