Learning Nonviolent Communication

Bring Compassion Into Your Life

I want to learn how to bring more compassion into my life. Where do I start? This is a great question as the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) or Compassionate Communication model is so inter-related that without the whole process of the four components and two parts seen together the value of the entire process is hard to comprehend. Each component individually is very powerful and can be very helpful in many circumstances. When you put it all together the power of NVC is just amazing. The purpose of NVC is to create connection. Once you are emotionally connected to someone the creations are incredible. Co-creating from awareness is much better than creating from reaction.

This is what I got out of learning Compassionate Communication. The awareness it brought to me about my relationship with myself. Without a thorough understanding and awareness of the relationship I have with myself I don't stand a chance of understanding anyone else. The keys to understanding yourself is to be able to understand your thinking, your perspective on the events in your life. If you want to immediately change your life, change your perspective.

You can have the perspective that people are basically evil and self serving. If you do, you find it everywhere you look. If you believe people are doing the best they can at the level they are at, then this is what you will see. When I have the former perspective, life is miserable and filled with dread and paranoia. If I take the latter perspective life is filled with love, tolerance and freedom.

I designed this web site as a way you can get a taste of Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. To really learn NVC requires practicing with other people. If you want to learn from Me (Jeff) use the contact page. Another option is to find a local NVC certified trainer or friend of NVC. Does a trainer need to be certified to be a good trainer? No, it just shows they have put in the effort to complete the process and you know they have been evaluated and met CNVC's standards for certification. I have always been very pleased with the training from a certified trainer. I have also had great experiences with trainers who are very passionate about NVC and are not on the certification track.

There are two ways to go about learning on this website. One way is to get the theory and background similar to reading an interactive book. The other way is jump right in and experience Compassionate Communication. When you are stuck just follow a link for more theory.

Path Blocked

Does your path seem blocked?

Are you feeling frustrated by life's obstacles? Find solutions that open doors and turn frustration into the joy of taking on a challenge. Learn a new way to view conflict.

Go around obstacle

Obstacles don't stop everyone.

As you can see by the picture, on the weekend when the construction crews are not there, the trail still gets used. Learn how to work with others to transform problems to solutions.

Toupee Duck

Self judgment - a big obstacle

The duck at the top of the picture looks like he has a bad haircut or toupee. It doesn't bother him. Learn how to accept yourself, as you are. Sign up for training or coaching.