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More Learning

Needs Challenge

Heirarchy of Needs - Maslow

Need or Strategy


Select whether you think the statement at the top of each box is a clearly expressed need or a strategy. When you click on your choice my response will be shown. Before trying this challenge I recommend reading about needs.

Cat hair on the couch really makes me mad!

 Angry man

I feel nervous around drivers talking on their cell phones, I value safety.

    Talking on cell phone Talking on cell phone

I need Bill to show respect by asking me before ordering lunch.

     Picnic Lunch

I feel aggravated when I think I am being manipulated, I am wanting transparency.

Mother with ice cream cone

Stella needs a vacation.

 Overworked  Stressed OutVacation

I feel annoyed because Al is so rude.

 Snowball hit

Martha was here before class started the last 3 weeks. I feel appreciation and my need for consideration has been met.

 Class on timeClass on time

I'm worried students won't respect Albert if his hair is messy.

  Talking on cell phone  Smiley Face Scientist

When you give me that look, I feel like I haven't been understood.

Cucumber eyes

When you yell, I am scared. I need you to show respect.

 Talking on cell phone  Talking on cell phone