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More Learning

Man with binoculars

Observation or Evaluation?

have you heard?

Select whether you think the statement at the top of each box is an observation free from evaluation or if it contains evaluations or judgments. When you click on your choice my response will be shown. Before trying this challenge I recommend reading about observations.

George was angry at me for no reason.

 Angry man

Yesterday morning Brenda talked on her cell phone while driving to work.

    Talking on cell phone Talking on cell phone

Bill did not ask me what I wanted for lunch before ordering.

     Picnic Lunch

My mother is a good parent.

 Mother and Daughter Soccer mom Mother with ice cream cone
Mother collage

Stella needs a vacation.

 Overworked  Stressed OutVacation

Al is belligerent.

 Snowball hit

Martha was here before class started the last 3 weeks.

 Class on timeClass on time

Sometimes Albert doesn't comb his hair.

  Talking on cell phone  Smiley Face Scientist

Janet said I have beautiful eyes.

 Talking on cell phone  Cucumber eyes

Gary has a whiney voice.

 Talking on cell phone  Talking on cell phone