Feeling Better Processes

Ways to Improve Your Mood

Nonviolent Communication Processes

  • Self Empathy exercise. If you want to understand what is going on for you. Translate your judgmental talk to Compassionate talk. A good way of identifying needs and finding relief.
  • Changing Perspectives exercise. Play with changing your thoughts and perspectives and see how it affects your emotions. Demonstrates interactions of thoughts and emotions.

Law of Attraction Processes - From the Teachings of Abraham

  • The Place Mat Process. Use this for when you feel overwhelmed and you want the universe to take care of some of your work for you. Excellent part of morning routine.
  • Appreciation List. Use this when you want to feel better in general. Great for morning routine or throughout the day.
  • Focus Wheel Process. Use when there is a specific subject you want to raise your vibration about.
  • The Emotional Scale. Use this when you want to figure out what emotion you are currently feeling and what would be a better feeling emotion that is within reach.

Path Blocked

Does your path seem blocked?

Are you feeling frustrated by life's obstacles? Find solutions that open doors and turn frustration into the joy of taking on a challenge. Learn a new way to view conflict.

Go around obstacle

Obstacles don't stop everyone.

As you can see by the picture, on the weekend when the construction crews are not there, the trail still gets used. Learn how to work with others to transform problems to solutions.

Toupee Duck

Self judgment - a big obstacle

The duck at the top of the picture looks like he has a bad haircut or toupee. It doesn't bother him. Learn how to accept yourself, as you are. Sign up for training or coaching.