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More Learning

Request Challenge


Request or Demand?


Select whether you think the statement at the top of each box is a clearly expressed request or a demand, wish, negative or vague statement. When you click on your choice my response will be shown. Before trying this challenge I recommend reading about requests.

I don't like the cat on the couch!

 Angry man

I would like you to focus on driving and not talk on your cell phone while driving?

    Talking on cell phone Talking on cell phone

I would like you to ask me before ordering lunch.

     Picnic Lunch

Would you be willing to buy me an ice cream cone with no strings attached?

Mother with ice cream cone

I want you to take care of yourself.

 Overworked  Stressed OutVacation

Would you ask me if I want to be in a snowball fight before throwing a snowball at me?

 Snowball hit

I would like you to get a good grade, please get your project in on time.

 Class on timeReport card

Would you keep a neat appearance while teaching?

  Talking on cell phone  Smiley Face Scientist

Would you tell me what you heard me say?

 Hands over ears  Yelling into megaphone in ear

I would like you to pay attention.

Cucumber eyes Bad driving