These are not emotions:
1. I feel followed by that, like, as if (I feel that you should know better)
2. I feel fllowed by I, you, he, she, they, it (I feel I am constantly on call)
3. I feel followed by names or nouns referring to people (I feel my boss is manipulative)
4. I feel followed by descriptions of what we think (I feel inadequate as a guitar player)
5. I feel followed by what we think others are doing to us (I feel ignored)

Faux feelings imply that someone is doing something to you and often connote wrongness or blame. When they are used, they are often preceded by the phrase "I feel...." The table below lists these Faux Feelings in the left hand column. The middle column suggests the feelings the speaker may be experiencing when using this Faux Feeling word. The third column suggests the needs of the speaker that are not being met.

Faux Feelings Faux Feelings Faux Feelings Faux Feelings

Faux Feelings