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Playing catch, throws over head.

Why did you throw it over my head. jackal puppet

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Emotional Scale Quick Reference
Positive 1. Joy 2. Passion 3. Enthusiasm
4. Belief 5. Optimism 6. Hopefulness 7. Contentment
8. Boredom 9. Pessimism 10. Frustration 11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment 13. Doubt 14. Worry 15. Blame
16. Discouragement 17. Anger 18. Revenge 19. Hatred
20. Jealousy 21. Guilt 22. Depression Negative

Before After Statement Explanation
10 12 I did it accidentally Making excuses usually does not lead to connection. People make excuses when they hear judgments.
10 17 If you were any good you could have caught it Insulting someone usually escalates a conflict. Blaming the other may be our response to hearing criticism.
10 9 Do you want me to be more accurate? This is a start to identifying the need. Demonstrates a willingness to understand the other.
10 6 Are you annoyed when you chase the ball? Demonstrates a willingness to acknowledge the emotional reaction to your behavior.
10 18 You should work on your vertical leap. Blame and advice combined, be ready to run.
10 18 My grandmother could have caught it. Comparisons, especially with an insulting tone rarely create connection.

Additional comments:
Although this may seem like a minor thing, if we can practice compassion on the small things compassion will be easier on the big things.

Author Emotion Relationship Topic
Jeff Guilt Friends Death of pet
Vincent Blame Friends teen boys Video Game
Jeff Anger Co-worker friend Work Conflict
Jeff Blame Spouse/Roommate Dirty Dishes
Vincent/Jeff Frustration Friends Bad Throw
Vincent Blame Friends Merry Go Round
Jeff Tretsven Contentment Empathy Buddies Empathy Pause
Jeff Tretsven Blame Coworkers Heated Meeting
Jeff Tretsven Discouraged Friend/Family Self Criticism
Jeff Tretsven Worry Heir Apparent? Inheritance
Jeff Tretsven Discouraged NVC Peer Hearing No!
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